The golden period of Rajpipla began when His highness Chhatra Sinhji came to the throne and began the progressive trend of Rajpipla in the late-19th century.

But the builder of modern and affluent Rajpipla was his son, Vijay Sinhji, who came to the throne in 1915 AD, and proved to be a great administrator. He was conferred the Knight commander rank, the hereditary title of Maharajah and the gun salutes for the ruler of Rajpipla were increased from 11 to 13. He introduced free Primary education, nominal high school fees, scholarships, a hospital, 5 dispensaries and a veterinary hospital in the state, good public works, a criminal-and-civil court, good motorable roads, a 40 mile railway line connecting Rajpipla to Ankleshwar, a junction on the Delhi-Ahmedabad-Bombay line, and a 19 mile steam rail-road & tramway connecting the towns along the river Narmada with villages in the interior and a power house supplying water and electricity to the town. The revenue of the state increased from 13 lakhs to 27 lakhs per annum between 1915-1930 and is said to have reached 36 lakhs in 1948, though taxes were reduced in terms of percentage! He regularized the land revenue systems, introduced pensions for public servants and increased the salary of the police and military. His relief efforts during droughts and floods were appreciated. He took an interest in agriculture and improved the quality of cotton , grains and fruits grown in his territory. Town planning in 1927 was far sighted, and builders were given permission conditional to leaving 3 to 4 ft space for widening roads.The design of new buildings were well integrated and harmonized.

How to reach there
By Road: 

 Vadodara to Rajpipla - Distance: 77 KM

By Railway: 

Rajpipla does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Baroda/Vadodara, at a distance of 77 kms from Rajpipla.

By Air: 

Rajpipla does not have an airport, and the nearest airport is Vadodara, at a distance of 77 kms from Rajpipla. Vadodara is connected to 2 other Indian cities. The airlines servicing Vadodara are Air India, Air India-IC, Go Air, Go Business, IndiGo, Jet Airways Konnect, Jet Airways, JetLite, Kingfisher Red, Kingfisher and SpiceJet.